DNS Hijacking

DNS hijacking is a malicious assault vector that can be utilized to persuasively redirect web movement to sites that are either phony or unique in relation to the ones you’ve requested. That implies if your PC’s DNS is hijacked, you may be redirected to some phony or other sites while getting to various destinations. For instance, in the event that you are opening yahoo.com by writing it into your web browser address bar, you may be coordinated to some phony site or websites with brimming with ads or promotions.

Each site on the web is hosted some place, by and large on a server and every server has its own IP address which compares to its location. We are individuals and we can’t recollect IP address of sites. That is the place DNS comes into utilization which coordinates the domain names with their corresponding IP address. These all must be done in light of the fact that PC comprehends IP addresses, and people can recall domain names. Along these lines, to outline IP delivers to particular domain names, DNS was made.

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How can DNS Hijacking affect you ?

  • DNS hijacking can be used for Pharming. Pharming is a procedure by which individuals produce snaps and impressions for expanding their earning from promotions or ads. For instance in the event that you are getting to a legitimate website through web browser yet it divert to a phony website loaded with pop-ups or advertisements and through which the programmer creates income from promotions or ads.
  • DNS hijacking can be used for Phishing Attack. Phishing is an endeavor to acquire your delicate data, for example, usernames, passwords, email ids, MasterCard details, bank passwords, and so on by camouflaging as a dependable entity. For instance you are login to your financial balance by getting to the back authority site and your DNS settings have been hijacked, you are getting diverted phony variant of your bank. You sign in like typical, without seeing any warnings, just to share your account details with a hoodlum.

How to Protect Yourself from DNS Hijacking ?

  • Make sure you change your router administrative password that gives you access to your router’s settings at regular intervals.
  • Always have the router’s firmware updated.
  • Have trusted antivirus software installed on your computer.
  • Try making use of VPN while accessing the internet to hide your DNS requests.

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