When you have outsized credit card debt, there are lots of different things you can do to try to get back on track. First, you can simply try to pay the cards down on a monthly basis, paying more than the minimum amount and watching the debt sink.
However, that can be hard as interest rates are often high and when you pay all that you can, sometimes the debt still doesn’t shrink. Credit card consolidation with a personal loan is another option that can work well to get out from under the debt, but does it make sense to get a personal loan for credit card consolidation?
What is Credit Card Debt Consolidation?
Simply put, it’s the process of rolling all of your credit card debt into one loan. You can take out a personal loan for credit card consolidation at bills.comfor example. Once you get the money from the personal loan, you use that cash to pay off the credit card debt completely. Then, you only have a single monthly payment on one loan. It can make things easier on you, and cheaper in the long run.
However, that depends upon a number of things.
The Terms Of The Loan
Before you sign on to a personal loan, you need to know what the terms are and whether or not they are going to work for your situation. How long does the loan run? How much will you have to pay each month? Are there any fees involved that will increase what you have to pay overall? Know as many details about the loan as you can so you are able to decide whether or not it makes sense for credit card consolidation in your case.
The Interest Rates Available
Personal loans can have a variety of interest rates based on a variety of things. If you have bad credit, the interest rate will likely be higher because you are considered to be more of a risk. Other loans will have low interest rates based on collateral you offer or a variety of other things. Any time you take out a loan, especially when you are working on a loan for credit card consolidation or other debts you need to cover, it’s important to have a low interest rate. It might not make sense to consolidate and pay off credit cards if the loan you get has just as high of an interest rate, or higher, than the cards did. The interest rates need to be lower than what you are already paying in order for you to come out ahead.
The Amount Of Debt You Have
Add up all of the cards you have and what the balance is on each of them. You need to know the grand total of your debt so you can calculate how much you need to ask for in a personal loan to cover it all. If you can cover the amount you have to pay each month on the personal loan, it might make sense to move forward. On the other hand, if you find that you have too much debt and you can’t pay the bill even if you consolidate, you will have to look into other options. Getting a personal loan for credit card consolidation if your credit card debt is too high is just going to give you another problem to solve.
What You Can Pay
Decide what you can pay on the personal loan each month and then, if you can find a loan that meets that amount along with your other qualifications, it would make sense for you to move forward with the credit card consolidationassuming all of the other considerations above are met.


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