PDF Format

The center of a website page is a document written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Normally, the HTML record incorporates relationship with different documents that either show up on the page or administer what it would seem that or works. When you change over a site page to PDF Format , the HTML document and all related records, for example, JPEG pictures, Adobe FLA records, falling templates, content records, picture maps, and structures—are incorporated into the transformation procedure.

The subsequent PDF Format acts much like the first site page. For instance, the pictures, joins, picture maps, and most media records show up and work typically inside the PDF.

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How to Download Web page in PDF Format ?

  • First go to the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons Store.
  • Now you need to Search and download an extension called “Save as PDF“.Chrome Direct Link To Download  FireFox Direct Link To Download
  • Then you can click on the Add to Chrome / Firefox button respectively.
  • Chrome / Firefox will ask you for your permission to add the extension. Click on add extension, it will start downloading and install to the Chrome / Firefox.
  • Now there is a new icon of the Save as PDF extension on the upper right-hand corner of the browser or exactly next to your address bar.
  • Go to the website that you wish to download as a PDF. It might be YouTube, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia or any other.
  • Click on Save as PDF extension when you’re on that particular webpage.
  • It will download the whole webpage in PDF Format in a blink of an eye.
  • That’s it you are done, isn’t that easy which we though is so difficult.

Additionally, the PDF capacities like some other PDF. For instance, you can explore through the document by looking over or utilizing bookmarks clients can add remarks to it you can include security, form fields, and different highlights that upgrade it.

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