How To Download WhatsApp Status Video & Photos?

Instant messaging application back in February made the WhatsApp Status feature official. It allows users to share images, videos and GIFs that instantly vanish after 24 hours.
But what if you look at somebody’s WhatsApp status with a really funny video or a great picture? You can take a screenshot of the picture, of course, but what about a video?
#Method1 Using File Manager
WhatsApp Status is saved on the phone locally file like photos / videos. But after 24 hours, these will be erased. So, what you can do is copy it from the temporary folder and save it to a safe location. This is how:

  • First view the status which you want to save which will make a temporary copy of the same on the phone’s storage.
  • Now, Open your File Manager on your smartphone and Enable Show Hidden Files.
    • For which open the Settings of your File Manager and set it to Show Hidden Files.
  • Then navigate to the WhatsApp folder Internal storage >> WhatsApp >> Media >> .Statuses.
  • You can now Copy the photos/videos which you want to save and paste them into a different folder.
  • That’s it you are done, you can now watch or share it anytime you wanted.

#Method2 Using third-party app
Many apps are available specifically designed to copy status files from WhatsApp such as Status Saver, etc.
These applications can be a nightmare of privacy because they need operating permissions.
Hence, choose these apps wisely because they need to be connected to your WhatsApp account.
Download the app and get all the files automatically, press the Save button to save the file to the device.
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