It has been just about a long time since the Israeli-based firm, Cellebrite, was in the news on a semi-routine basis.

Cellebrite’s iPhone hacking tools, which is normally utilized by the FBI and other law authorities around the globe to break into locked iPhones and Androids is presently accessible on eBay for as meager as $100.

That is a major rebate from the maximum. What’s more, it appears that Cellebrite, a security firm situated in Israel, isn’t too cheerful about the circumstance.

What is regularly sold for as much as $15,000 to law authorization offices, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is going for as meager as $100 on the auction site.

A more serious issue, be that as it may, will be if such gadgets fall into the wrong hands. Since these iPhone hacking devices are effectively accessible, anybody could get their hands on them. One affiliate professed to have ten such gadgets in stock with costs, extending from $50-$70.

“Selling or distributing any of your Cellebrite equipment to other organizations is not permitted without written approval from Cellebrite. Since it may be possible for these devices to access private information, we ask that you treat any Cellebrite equipment within your organization with the highest degree of security,” the Israeli company recently informed customers in a mailed notification.

One security researcher, Matthew Hickey, as of late purchased twelve such units and found information on what gadgets were sought and when, and the types of information that were removed.

That incorporates IMEI numbers, which could be utilized to find an individual phone. Apple and Google are occupied with a ceaseless fight with organizations like celebrities.

The hacking tools depend on obtaining zero-day vulnerabilities, ones obscure to Apple and Google and after that building device to misuse them. When phone makers wind up mindful of a helpless, they fix it and the cycle starts once more.

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