eCommerce Is Changing The Way We Shop (and this is how)

Stuck at home still thanks to the pandemic? What are you going to do? For a lot of people, the ease and convenience of online shopping (paired with various shutdowns of the retail industry across the world) has meant a boom in eCommerce sales. The rise of online shopping is not a new thing and has its roots placed firmly in the teleshopping era of the 1970s, but as of the 1990s, when Amazon first jumped onto the scene, online retail has continued to enjoy a steady growth year on year, and none more so than in 2020 and 2021.

A Swift Move For Online Retailers

Retailers operating solely as a bricks-and-mortar store in 2019 may have found themselves locked out of the boom in sales of 2020 and beyond, but there are plenty of opportunities for them to catch up, and it is definitely worth jumping in with both feet now.
As shoppers move to online stores to get their essentials as well as their luxuries, we take a quick dive to see what exactly has changed about the way we shop and how it will continue in the future.

A Booming Industry For Deliveries

Perhaps the biggest change we’ve seen in recent years, aside from the actual act of more people buying things online, is the improvements in delivery services. More people buying online means more goods needing to be shipped to homes, and last-mile couriers are making a booming trade. It’s not just couriers that have seen the increase either; the trucking industry is reporting a huge growth in work, too, so much so that new trucking companies are springing up all the time. The problem is that with more and more companies trying to get a slice of the pie, if you’re interested in starting your own trucking business, then you need to make sure you are doing it the right way to stand out. You can check out this guide for ten easy steps to get you going and ensure that you are successful in your endeavors. This will ensure that you can start making the most of this booming industry.

More Time For Careful Consideration

So you’re thinking of buying a new refrigerator, but don’t know what one to go for? All refrigerators are pretty much the same, right? Wrong! They come in all shapes and sizes, from double door full-size refrigerators to single under the counter units, some with freezer compartments, some not, some in pink, blue, orange, yellow, and some even connect up to your home’s WiFi and tell you when you’re out of milk. Why is this important? It’s the element of choice and the need for consideration. Shopping online allows customers to explore their options in the comfort of their own home and pick items that are right for them, rather than just whatever is in store at the time, and that’s a powerful thing!

A Rise In Impulse Purchases

Just because you have more choice doesn’t mean you’re necessarily using your choice, and with online shopping comes a rise in impulse purchases. Who hasn’t answered the door to a delivery driver only to wonder, “what on earth have I bought now?” and realized your mistake (or your genius moment) after a couple of glasses of pinot?
Impulse purchases seem much easier with online shopping, and with the more common use of single click purchases, it’s getting even easier to do.

Fuelling The Influencer Craze

Five years ago, the word influencer barely even crossed the tongues of marketers, let alone the public at large. Skip forward a few years, and it’s not only teenage girls who are making purchasing decisions based on the latest influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
What’s great about the influencer crazy is that every niche has its own influencers, people who speak to a specific target audience and, although there are plenty of fake influencers out there, it’s generally a fairly honest industry because followers can spot a fake from a mile away!

More Options For Independent Retailers

It’s a common misconception that online shopping is destroying small independent businesses when, in truth, it’s actually giving them some of the best opportunities to take their business to another level and for a relatively low investment. If the recent global health crisis has shown us anything, it’s that getting an online presence is absolutely critical for staying in the spotlight, and with Amazon marketplaces, eBay, and even Etsy offering spaces for independent businesses to sell their stock, there’s never been an easier or cheaper way to get your business online and reaching a global audience.

eProduct Sales Increasing

Another curious thing to come out of the move towards internet sales is the increase in digital products. This is a particularly good niche for courses, books, digital downloads, and even virtual fae to face services (like coaching). eProducts (sometimes called info-products) are big business, and websites that may not have any other type of product are turning to info-products to cash in on this craze, especially when it comes to selling online courses.
For adults who never got the chance to go to college, taking an online course is a convenient way to get a better education in their downtime, and it doesn’t have the huge tuition fees of traditional colleges either.

Affiliate Marketing

Info-products go almost hand in hand with the rise in affiliate marketers, but what exactly are these mysterious people, and how are they making money? Affiliate marketers get paid when a user clicks on a link on their website and purchases a product or uses a specific code at checkout.
This has been a solid way for thousands of people to make a full-time income creating great websites that discuss products and help users to decide which to buy. For store owners, this is even better because there are people doing your advertising for you and helping your products get seen by thousands of more people than they might otherwise have been seen by.
Affiliate marketing isn’t new; it’s the same concept as commission sales, except affiliate markets help to increase the visibility of products by writing helpful content such as reviews or how-to guides, helping businesses to reach bigger audiences without having to put a lot more effort into their marketing plans.


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