There is nothing that is as bitter and disappointing like losing very precious data or files from your phone, tablet and even PC. It is sad that before the discovery of data recovery methodologies, some people could even contemplate suicide since they felt like losing a particular set of files is the end of them. The good news is that there is a solution and your files and data will always be here with you. EaseUS Data Recovery is the solution and the way to go. Before going even further, we need to ask ourselves, “What makes EaseUS Data Recovery the best data recovery software over other software?” The answer is right here.

Firstly, it comes with an easy to download, install and to use wizard (12.9.1). With such a sophisticated wizard, you are in a position to recover your data and files in just 3 simple clicks. Now, what does these three main clicks entail? The first click which is also the first step allows you to select the location where your lost data was previously located. This is actually the first step that allows you to narrow down the area of search. If you had partitioned your drive, then this is where all your partitions will be seen. As soon as you select the location where your data or files were, you will be good to proceed to the next click.

The next click/ step is running a scan on your device or PC. This is basically one of the steps where the actual search, identification and listing of lost files is done. Considering that the number of files you would like to recover might be too many and cumulatively large in size; the good thing about this software is that it allows you to pause the scan and continue another time. There files which can be scanned for over 24 hours depending on whether your scan is of low or high speed.

The third step is previewing and the actual recovery. As soon as you are done with scanning, the next step requires you to preview your findings and then select those files that you would wish to recover. Last but not list, you may then proceed to recover all that you need. Just like scanning, the recovery can take long but you may pause and continue when you have time.

EaseUS Recovery Software allows recovering more than 1000 types of files

Efficiency is something that all of would like to experience in a data recovery software. With EaseUS recovery software, you have an opportunity to recover various types of files which include: documents, video files, graphics, audio, emails and last but not list other files such as RAR, ZIP and html text.

With this software, you will no longer need to worry about files lost due to accidental deletion, files lost when formatting, emptied recycle bins, loss due to storage partitioning, loss due to damaged drives, loss due to virus attack and loss of files following a system crash.

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