How To Enable 2FA On Facebook Without A Phone Number?

At one point in time in order to set up 2FA (two-factor authentication), Facebook required you to hand your phone number over. Facebook, however has no longer allowed you to have a phone number since 2018, meaning that everyone can now use 2FA on Facebook.
On Facebook, two-factor authentication (2FA) adds another security layer to your account. Without adding a phone number as well, Facebook lets you use 2FA.
So if you’re reluctant to send your mobile number to Facebook, here’s how you can allow two-factor authentication without a phone number on Facebook.

How To Activate 2FA On Facebook Without Phone Number?

  • Log into Facebook and select the arrow icon to access the Settings & Privacy menu.
  • Then, select Settings again and select Security & Login in the left-hand menu.
  • Scroll down and click Edit to the right of Use two-factor authentication.

You can select the way you want to obtain authentication codes from Facebook from the next page. To allow two-factor authentication without a phone number on Facebook, select the Authentication app, and then tap Continue.
In the near future, Facebook supposedly has huge plans to merge its Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp products, and it is entirely possible that it will use its control over billions of users to require a phone number for that mega-platform as a unique ID. We asked Facebook if it had plans to do so but for this article, it did not respond to any of our questions.
All we know is that the more people demonstrate that they are unable to send an untrustworthy organization a phone number, the more likely Facebook is to do the right thing.
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