Chrome Dark Mode

Back in September, the reports of Google Chrome dark mode at first seemed online after Google was spotted chipping away at a dark theme explicitly for MacOS Mojave.

Presently affirmation is coming in that Google Chrome for Windows 10 won’t be let alone for the fun, and, truth be told, you can attempt an early version of dark mode today.

Google developers made a command flag through which different developer gets an early involved of the element and give a couple of proposals on it.

The main catch is that it just deals with Google Chrome Canary version. With no further ado, here is a well ordered guidance to constrain Google Chrome dark theme.

Steps To Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode

  • Download and install Google Chrome Canary.
  • Make sure the shortcut of the Canary version is pinned to the desktop.
  • Right-click the shortcut and tap on ‘Properties’.
  • In Target field, add -force-dark-mode after the Chrome Canary location.
  • Click Apply and OK to save changes.

When you utilize the easy route to open Chrome Canary it will presently be in a pseudo-Dark Mode as appeared as follows.

The address bar underneath looks great thus do the tabs and navigation area.Tragically, the menus still need a great deal of work as should be obvious from the dark text on a dark background.

This is not the slightest bit lost as the Google Chrome Dark Mode hasn’t touched base on Chrome stable or beta yet.

Anticipate that a ton of things should change and a few plan changes to be actualized before the last launch, yet it gives us an early investigate this long past due feature.

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