How to enable dark mode for Instagram?

Overall, dark mode was one of the most anticipated features this year for mobile devices and we finally got it on Instagram. Instagram dark mode is now available with the latest update on Android and iOS.

This modified dark feature allows you to save the battery life of your phone and even reduce the pressure on your eyes at the same time. Dark mode, by switching the usual white background to a darker shade, brings a major change to phones.

How to enable dark mode for Instagram in Android 10?

  • Go to your Android device’s Settings.
  • Now scroll down to the Display option and switch on the Dark Mode by activating the Dark theme toggle.
  • This will give you a system-wide dark color mode and then open the app and yes! You have the dark mode for your Instagram.

How to enable dark mode for Instagram in iOS 13?

  • Got to the phone’s Settings options.
  • Select the Display and Brightness option.
  • Tap on the Dark option. You will have a dark colour theme applied to every part of the phone’s system.
  • Just open your Instagram and enjoy your dark mode.

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