How To Enable Tab Groups Feature In Google Chrome?

The more up to date versions of the Google Chrome internet browser, for example, Chrome 73 and later, accompany a concealed secret highlight called Tab Groups. Google has been working for quite a while on adding Tab Grouping to their Chrome browser.

As its name recommends, this new tool should make working with different tabs, as active tabs in the browser which would be grouped such that makes finding the correct page quicker and an increasingly instinctive procedure. This new feature additionally has colours to enable you to monitor which will be which, despite the fact that these colours are so far not customizable.

How To Enable Tab Groups

  • Now open several tabs by visiting different websites.
  • Then right click on the first tab and select Add to new group, so this will Group 0(1st Group)
  • Again right click on the second tab and either Add To Existing Group > Group 0 or to A New Group.

How To Enable On Android Chrome

To enable Tab Groups on Chrome for Android, you have to enable two flags in chrome. The first really enables the Tab Groups feature, and the subsequent advises Chrome to utilize another layout for your tab switcher page.

Enable Tab Groups : chrome://flags
Enable Tab Grid Layout : chrome://flags

Ensure you restart the browser between turning each banner on. This is significant, in light of the fact that Chrome for Android needs to restart twice before the highlight will work.

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