The Silent Partner Smartpatch for sleeping

This patch was developed by QuietLife Technologies, and they promise that it will help you to get a great night’s sleeping, even if you live with someone who snores. The patch is the first of its kind, according to the makers, and it uses sub-wavelength technology to emit sound waves that will cancel out the noise of the snoring in real time. This ensures that you will get a truly silent night and sleeping peacefully.

The Sleep Guardian – Lully

If it’s your kids that are struggling to sleeping, then Lully could be the answer. This Bluetooth-enabled sleeping aid can be placed under a child’s mattress, and it will vibrate gently, to help your kids fall asleep naturally. The device has even been found to help reduce the prevalence of night terrors.

Tuft and Needle

The Tuft and Needle mattress which is sold at Lowes is one of the most technologically advanced mattresses out there at the moment. Made from an adaptive foam that wicks heat away from the body, it’s the perfect comfortable bed that offers comfort through better living.

The Intelligent Sleep Mask By Neuroon

This intelligent sleep mask will analyze your sleeping habits, and tell you everything you need to know about your rest… it tracks brain waves, and also tracks your temperature and more so that you can find out how well you’re sleeping and what to change to make your sleep better.

The Suzy Snooze Sleep Companion

This is a great 3 in 1 baby monitor, and it also works as a sleeping trainer and does triple duty as a nightlight. It was designed with the assistance of sleep scientists, and it is perfect for parents who want to be able to keep an eye on their kids and have peace of mind that they’re sleeping well. It even helps kids to learn to stay in bed for a little longer, so it helps you, the parents, get a good night’s sleep as well.

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Casper Mattress: Sleep Reimagined

This is an innovative new mattress that features a top comfort layer made from premium latex, and an under-support layer made from high-density memory foam. You can read mattress reviews on this website if you are interested in learning more about Casper.

It is made from the best quality materials sourced from the USA and Belgium, and it’s easy to clean, breathable, and has a cover that can be removed for convenient cleaning.

Balluga: The World’s Smartest Bed

Imagine if your bed could monitor your vitals. That’s exactly what this does – and it will adjust its temperature settings to ensure that the bed does not sag over time. It has everything you need to keep you cozy and comfortable, ensuring you get the best night’s sleeping no matter what the time of the year.

The Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock

Instead of using a clock radio, get a stylish lamp that will wake you up gently in the morning and help you fall asleep fast at night. The Aura emits gentle light and has sleep-inducing sound settings that will make it easy to drift off. While you’re sleeping it monitors your movements, heart rate and breathing and will pick the best time to wake you up. You can track your sleeping patterns using the mobile app, and learn how best to get a good night’s sleep.

The Sleepace Nox Smart Sleep Light

This is similar to the Withings Aura, but priced at a lower level. IT is a sleeping tracker, alarm clock and lamp that tracks your patterns and helps you get the most out of your time in bed, giving you a sleeping score and other information that helps you monitor and track your habits so that you can get the most out of your shut-eye.

S+ Personal Sleep Sensor By ResMed

The S+ System includes a web app, a smartphone app, and a bedside sleeping monitor. There’s no need to wear a band or a watch. The monitors give you everything you need to keep track of your bedtime habits and will give you information not just about how well you sleeping, but background noise, temperature, light and more. You’ll be able to create the perfect sleeping environment with ease.

FitSleep: Your Personal Lullaby

If you struggle to doze off at all then FitSleep could be the solution. It emits alpha waves that are designed to make it easier for you to doze off, and it has some great sleeping tracking tools too. It scans to see how you react to different frequencies so that you can get a great night’s sleeping every time.

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