Hacking Tricks

it’s fair to say that the stereotypical portrait of a hacker has evolved significantly, especially over the past few years. Number of Hacking Tricks to be followed by an ethical hacker to keep the system safe.

Back in the 80s, hacking was seen as a niche pursuit, only understandable to the select few and it was also, of course, the subject of plenty of (now rather quaint) movies involving teenagers saving the world from computer-led destruction (WarGames) or people hacking their way to a big payday (Superman 3).

Nowadays, hacking is headline news on a regular basis; Over the last couple of years alone, hacking and cyber Attack Hit U.S ATM’s, Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked  and resulted in tens of millions of people having their personal details compromised.

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The Good Hackers with Ethical Hacking Tricks

At the same time as hacking has gone mainstream, an entire industry has built up around ethical hacking. It’s come to the point where life as a hacker has become a legitimate (and lucrative) career choice for the technically skilled.

Of course, ethical hacking is nothing particularly new. Although opinions vary, many would consider the work of the likes of Anonymous as ethical and good for society.

One of the Ethical Hacking Tricks For the more mainstream hacker who doesn’t feel the need to wear a fetching mask, numerous software companies actively encourage people to work to discover bugs in their systems via “bug bounties.” On the face of it, at least, there are just as many people with a hacking persuasion who wish to use their skills for good as there are those with an eviler intent.

Getting Started in Ethical Hacking

Computer enthusiasts who want to move into ethical hacking as a bona fide career now have a well-established training path open to them too. A perfect way to Start and Strengthen your Cyber Security Career.

The organization offers a wide range of exams and certifications for aspiring ethical hackers and publishes a code of ethics for professionals to abide by.

The typical target audience for such certifications is IT professionals who already have a significant body of experience and existing certifications, but there’s nothing to say that keen young hackers can’t work towards the requirements.

What Opportunities Exist?

While there’s nothing to say that independent hackers can’t work independently and aim for the bug bounties (hopefully whilst complying with the spirit of the code of ethics), technical experts seeking a more traditional career path now have a wealth of options too.

Job boards like Indeed and Totaljobs all have long lists of open positions for penetration testers and certified ethical hackers. Companies recruiting for such positions at the time of writing included the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), and Procter and Gamble in the US.

The mere fact that such high-profile organizations are seeking to fill such positions illustrates the very real need for individuals who are one step ahead of the “bad hackers.”

The rewards are significant too; The average salary for an ethical hacker in the USA in excess of $70,000 per annum, and many advertised positions pay far in excess of this sum. Average salaries for these roles in New York nudge $120,000 per year.

So, with all this in mind, if you’re a “computer whizz” with a penchant for getting into systems you’re not supposed to, you now have myriad options nowadays that go beyond criminality.

To people brought up on WarGames and Superman 3, the fact that hacking is now a real-life job you can go and do in an office must seem truly bizarre!

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