What To Do If Facebook Ad Account Is Disabled?

Facebook ad are the most powerful promotional tool for your business and clients as well. But, one of the biggest problems that we come across frequently is people dive into ads without understanding ad policy, and they end up with suspended ads and disabled accounts.

So before going to the steps to reactivate the disabled or suspended Facebook AD account, let us have a look at some of the reasons why it gets disabled or suspended;

  • Creating a new Facebook account and started advertising with it right away.
  • Creating an ad campaign for an affiliate marketing program or third party advertising scheme.
  • Promoting a website that has redirect/forwarding loop.
    If you are using a Facebook ads coupon that you purchased from some other website.
  • Creating a campaign for dating, relationship, or some similar website.

Now let us have looked on how to reactivate the disable or suspend the Facebook AD account;

  • As a matter of first importance we have to we have to teach yourself with the Facebook’s Ad and Pixel Policies. In this way, read their ad policies and discover what was the mistake you made. Along these lines, when your account gets reactivated you can abstain from committing similar errors.
  • For the most part there are potential outcomes that your ads may have activated something which clashed with the algorithm of Facebook which drove them to disable your ad account.
    • So in the wake of experiencing the policies and finding the policy you have violated.
    • On the off chance that you can’t discover the explanation behind the account being disabled, at that point you can round out a form in the Facebook Help Center.
    • You will be requested the insights regarding your account, payment method, and other information pertaining to the ad.
    • When you have presented the form, Facebook will investigate the issue and hit you up with a purpose behind disabling the ad or will reopen the ad.
  • In the event that you pursued each rule of Facebook’s advertising policies, yet at the same time have your ad disabled, at that point you can speak to their group by utilizing the Policy Disabled Ad Account form on the Help Center.

The primary concern is on the off chance that you need to reactivate a Facebook ad account, experience the focuses referenced above, notwithstanding, it is smarter to be protected than sorry, so in the event that you need your ad account to be on favorable terms, at that point read the Facebook advertising policy and tail it cautiously.

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