Facebook Will Soon Build AR Glasses & Map The World

At Facebook’s Oculus Connect conference, Facebook Augmented and VR VP Andrew “Boz” Bosworth declared that it is effectively creating AR glasses, with plans to totally reproduce the planet in a 3D map called Live Maps, enabling clients to live in improved, intuitive spaces.

Virtual reality (VR) today gives us a chance to investigate carefully made universes and interface with companions, while the AR glasses allows us to make and share new encounters, essentially through our smartphones.

Live Maps hopes to code a few levels of information into a stack that AR and other PC vision gadgets could explore. The thought is this would sidestep the need to adequately outline world progressively so AR specs comprehend what their wearer is taking a gander at and afterward present relevant information.

At its introduction, the organization additionally utilized hi-tech holographic symbolism to demo how it imagines its new venture, which it says will be a ‘multi-layer portrayals of the world’. .

We’ve seen organizations like Magic Leap, Microsoft, and Google offer comparative thoughts, and Facebook has advanced smartphone based augmented reality with its Spark AR system.

Live Maps and Facebook’s AR objectives are still years from getting to be standard customer items, yet the work is starting at this point. There are clear privacy issues identified with how Facebook will make Live Maps past as of now available data; in the event that it reaps new data it’ll have to ensure it does as such considering security to keep away from further scandals.

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