Facebook Quietly Changed Its Homepage Slogan, So Is It Still Free?

Facebook has quietly replaced its long-time slogan on its sign-up homepage from “It’s free and always will be” to be “It’s quick and easy” and no one knows why.

According to Business Insider, who traced the switch using internet archive Wayback Machine, said that the change has happened sometime between August 6 and 7.

This tranquil move denotes an entirely huge change for the brand, which has consistently been vocal about its free-to-use, advertising financed plan of action.

In spite of the fact that Facebook does not charge its clients for interest in the service, it has since quite a while ago profited by the colossal measures of data gathered from them. This information is then reused and offered to organisations to help direct marketing and products to explicit objective groups.

According to the report, under the Facebook ‘Things You Should Know’ area contains a disclaimer condition that states, ‘We don’t ensure that Platform will consistently be free.’

The most recent activity comes as the organization faces extreme analysis from officials and controllers over its privacy practices. A month ago, Facebook consented to a record-setting US$5 billion privacy settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission.

In spite of the fact that the organization has not yet given any sign that it will legitimately trouble clients, the organization expressly takes note that it doesn’t ensure that it will consistently keep the free platform.

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