Facebook Messenger Launches COVID-19 Community Hub

Facebook also introduced a new COVID-19 Community Hub for Messenger, which aims to highlight important ways people can use their messaging app to keep in touch with COVID-19 lockdowns, including unique information areas for parents, students, companies, health organizations and more.
The launch of Messenger’s coronavirus platform, used by more than one billion people, comes at a time when users connect with instant messaging and voice calling more often than they’ve ever had before, the firm said.
By giving them free Messaging resources, Facebook has also collaborated with governments and health care organizations. In the wake of this pandemic, the social media giant initiated a global initiative to link these organizations with their developers to better use Messenger.
In addition, it will highlight ways to recognize false or misleading COVID-19 details, and suggest how to avoid COVID-19 treatment or fundraising scams online.
In the current pandemic situation, it should be a crucial obligation for everyone to check exact facts with official and trusted source before sending wrong or spam information. If you’re not sure about something real about any Coronavirus information or medical care then don’t share it.
The center also provides ties to policy departments and agencies ‘tools to help them connect in the middle of the crisis with their audiences.

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