Facebook Messenger Adds ‘Watch Together’ To Let You Enjoy Videos With Friends

Facebook Messenger is the newest app to incorporate joint video watching. On Monday, Facebook announced a “Watch Together” feature that allows you to enjoy watching Facebook videos with your friends and family and share the experience through Messenger video calls and Messenger rooms in real-time.
Watching something with a loved one is the kind of experience that can really make you enjoy yourself quite a bit as well as interacting with the person with whom you are watching the content, whether it is a movie or an episode of a TV show or maybe a video that is available on your preferred platform and has been created by some other kind of material creator.

“Every day, there are more than 150 million video calls on Messenger, and more than 200 million videos sent via Messenger. Now, with Watch Together, you can enjoy videos and share the experience with your friends in real time,” Nora Micheva, Product Manager for Facebook said in a blog post.

This week, for Android and iOS users, the latest Watch Together feature is rolling out. The Watch Together feature will allow a user to add up to eight individuals through a video call and up to 50 individuals through its Messenger Rooms video conferencing tool.
Users can swipe on a video call or go to the Messenger Room to use the function and tap on the Watch Together option. Swipe up will allow users to view and pick Watch Together from the menu. Users may pick a recommended video from there, or choose from a category such as ‘TV & Movies,” Watched’ or ‘Uploaded.’
The social media giant has partnered with celebrity fitness trainer and author Melissa Alcantara to produce a series of fitness videos to encourage people to literally work out with their friends and inspire each other to reach their fitness goals in order to promote this launch.
Facebook noted that 70 % of individuals who worked with a partner accomplished their fitness goals, compared to 45% of individuals who worked alone, citing a study conducted in the U.S.
Facebook claims Messenger already has 150 million video calls a day, and that people send 200 million videos daily to each other. The Watch Together feature is free and will roll out on iOS and Android mobile phones in Messenger and Messaging Rooms globally this week.
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