Microsoft Launched Family Safety Application For iOS & Android Device

Microsoft, a technology giant, has launched the Family Safety Application designed to help protect digital and physical security.
Parents can use the Family Safety app to provide device use reports and average screen time, and also set device time limits with children’s ability to apply for extensions.
The Microsoft Family Safety app now available for Android and iOS respectively on the Google Play and App Store-allows parents to set screen time limits, which can be extended by 15 minutes , 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours if appropriate.
The app will send an email to both parents and children every week as a way of tracking a child’s digital behavior. The screen time, length of the applications used and the websites most visited will be strategically drawn up in the comprehensive mail.
Parents can also set time limits for individual applications and games on Ios, Xbox, and Windows via the app, while parents can set screen time limits for the entire Xbox or Windows computer through a wider device management feature.
Family Security can also be used for sharing locations among family members. In the beta process, Microsoft also added a new location-clustering function that lets users see when there are several family members at the same location.
Although its apps are interconnected during the day with your activities, Microsoft ensures that all the data you collect is secured. They must make sure this data is not used, sold or exchanged with any potential inventions or projects.
Microsoft also plans to add reminders when family members visit or exit a venue, but that will be a premium option for subscribers to Microsoft 365.
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