How Find Computer Specification In Windows 10 ?

It is indeed necessary to know your computer specification, especially when you want to update some of your drivers of other applications.

It’s quite useful when you are trying to fix a computer problem or when you want to replace your dead chips in your computer. Here is an overview on how to check your system specification in Windows 10.

You can use the following steps to find the basic system information like Windows edition, about processor, memory configuration, computer name and more.

  • Open “System” window follow either of the steps given below
    • Right click on Start Menu >> click System in pop-up menu.
    • Key Press windows icon + X from your keyboard >> Click System
    • Key press the Windows logokey and Pause/Break at the same time

To View The Entire Computer Specifications:

Using the steps below you can open “System Information” window and view detailed system summary, system model, system type, processor, BIOS Mode, system directory, hardware resources, components, software environment.

To View The Entire Computer Specifications using Run dialog box

  • Press the Windows logo key + R key to open the Run box or Right click on Start button and select Run from pop-up menu >> type msinfo32 in Run dialog box, and click on OK button/ENTER KEY. The system information window will appear.

To View The Entire Computer Specifications using cortana search box

  • Type “System Information” in cortana search box, and select “System Information” from cortana search results.

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