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Throughout the years Google has presented lot of apparatuses and features which improve the security feature of Android and in the meantime offer consistent client experience. Losing your cell phone is a standout amongst the most alarming encounters in the cutting edge age. You have your contact data, your own data, your own photos, and perhaps even money related information on there. Since your telephone contains individual data, you will dependably attempt your best to protect it. In the year 2017 the organization re-launched “Find My Device” which helps in finding lost gadgets.

The Find My Device highlight is default empowered on Android gadgets running on Android KitKat or more. To utilize this element gadget must have a working web connection and Google sign-in with location feature enabled for feature to work.

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How to install Find My Device ?

Find My Device


  • Search for the application Find My Device and click on Find My Device from the search result.

Find My Device


  • Then click on Install.

Find My Device

  • Open the application and Sign in using the Google Account you wanted to use with it.
  • Now give location access to the service and you are ready.

Features Included In Find My Device ?

  • Last Known Location : On the off chance that you have lost your smartphone and it doesn’t have an internet connection and it can’t show the present area, at that point Find My Device will show the last known area from the Google Maps area history.
  • Wi-Fi access Point : It will likewise show the last associated Wi-Fi access point.
  • Battery Level : This tool will also tell the amount of battery left in your device. So that you will get an idea on how long your phone will be Power On.
  • Ring Your Phone : When you sign in to Find My Device and find your gadget, you can utilize the Play Sound choice, which plays a boisterous tone on your smartphone constantly at full volume for five minutes regardless of whether you killed the ringer.
  • Lock Your Phone :  Lock choice that gives you a chance to set another password to unlock your smartphone. You can likewise show a message over the lock screen and add a catch to get back to your number so anybody that runs over your phone can without much of a stretch connect with you.

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