FireChat is a messaging tool application which works even without an Internet connection or cell phone coverage. This application can be used in anyplace such as aircraft, cruise, buses,….as the internet is not required.
People must use Firechat to communicate each other within 200 feet of their location.This application can be download as it is a free version and message is also free as WhatsApp, but the difference is that this application doesn’t require internet as it works on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework

Firechat is compatible with iOS and Android platform which was developed by San Francisco-based company called Open Garden. FireChat has reached the top among social networking application.

Messages will be delivered to the intended recipient in an encrypted format. The message then keeps bouncing from phone to phone until it reaches target recipient and it crosses over the seas.
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You’ll be able to send texts from abroad without incurring roaming charges or even from remote or blackout areas which have no coverage, including planes and subways called as “Multihop capabilities ” which extends the range of peer-to-peer communications.
The default interfaces of this application are uses jQuery, Underscore.js, and Bootstrap. Icons were designed by Glyphicons. Build and compilation is managed with Grunt and code are hosted on GitHub.

Features – FireChat

1.No significant impact on battery consumption.
2.Choose your own unique username, displayed name, and avatar
3.In the “Everyone” mode, We can view what people are conversing generically.


With compare to other messenger apps, FireChat doesn’t ask you to create an account, instead, you can enter your name to get into it.


It only allows you to converse in public chat rooms and it doesn’t allow you to make private conversation with your friends.


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