Mozilla released today Firefox version 64 and it brings a bunch of helpful highlights along. Mozilla’s new Firefox Version 64 watches out for what you’re up to and prompts you to attempt extensions and features that could assist you with that activity, the browser maker said.

Firefox version 64 likewise brings a Contextual Feature Recommender (CFR), accessible just to U.S. desktop clients until further notice. As indicated by Mozilla, this feature works by demonstrating extension suggestions as a popup that drops down from the address bar.

Some default extension recommendations are Facebook container, Enhancer for YouTube and Google Translate. This element that won’t work in private browsing mode since it did not depend on your browser history.

Another greatest change is the new tab the board features, simply press CTRL+Shift+click to choose numerous tabs from the tab bar and you can move them around, close, bookmark, or pin rapidly.

Aside from these the huge update in Firefox form 64 is redoing of the about performance page, which has now been reshaped and redesigned to look increasingly like the Windows Task Manager.

“The new Task Manager page found at about:performance lets you see how much energy each open tab consumes and provides access to close tabs to conserve power,” Mozilla said today.

So now demonstrates how much vitality every tab is utilized. Mozilla has been as yet working out this element and will include greater usefulness in Firefox 65.

Firefox rendition 64 additionally enhances looking scrolling speed on the Android form of the browser.

The most recent version is accessible on both desktop and Android experiment with the new form and in case you’re enjoying a charge out of Firefox enough to jettison Chrome completely.

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