How To Set Up Fitbit Pay?

Fitbit Pay is a mobile payment system and replacing your wallet with a Fitbit is no longer the overwhelming process it once had, with the company’s Fitbit Pay service helping to normalize the change to contactless payments.

Everyone from Apple and Google to Samsung, Chase, and CVS had payment apps where you could load your credit or debit card information and use your phone to purchase items from Near-field communication (NFC) terminals.

The key difference is that Fitbit Pay only works with smartwatches and fitness bands within the business, not smartphones. Click here to check for the countries that support Fitbit Pay and the participating banks running list of Fitbit’s.

How to set up Fitbit Pay?

  • On your smartphone, launch the Fitbit app and then click the Account icon on the top right.
  • Now click the Wallet tile and then follow the on-screen instructions to add a payment card.
  • Since you are using it for first time you add a card to Fitbit Pay.
  • Then set a 4-digit PIN code for your device. You’ll also need to have an unlock Pin/Patter for your phone.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions to enable phone notifications.
  • So to pay with your Fitbit you need to follow the same;
    • Press and hold the left button on your device for two seconds or Swipe to the Payments screen if it doesn’t pop up.
    • When prompted just enter your 4-digit PIN code so that your default card appears on the screen.
    • Now to pay with your default card, hold your wrist near the payment terminal or if you are looking to pay with a different card then swipe up on Ionic and Versa, or click the Charge 3’s screen, to find the card you want to use. Then hold your wrist near the payment terminal.
    • Once the payment is complete, your device vibrates, and there’s a confirmation message on the screen.
  • During setup, you must choose a default card, but you can change that at any time.
    • For that first Launch the Fitbit app on your smartphone and click the Account icon on the top right.
    • Click the Wallet tile and find the card you want to set as the default option.
    • Click Set as Default.

So you can give this a try if you are in the country where it is supported.

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