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Fleet managers can take advantage of the handheld mobile phones to track vehicles in real time without having to install expensive GPS devices. Failure to track the fleet vehicles should not be an excuse since even cheap mobile phones come with a GPS option as part of the phone’s functions.

Even though GPS and real time fleet cameras systems from EyeRide will perform a better job, one can still rely on mobile GPS tracking. This article will highlight how to use this option.

What Is Mobile GPS Tracking?

There has been a great concern on how online information can be stored and retrieved online especially now that mobile phones have a GPS capability. According to research, one can be easily located through her or his phone if the location capability is switched on. Mobile GPS capability helps people to use maps and other related software that can track the location.

Surprisingly, a social media post will not easily identify your location if you have enabled location capability on your phone.

Likewise, fleet managers can take advantage of this capability to track their vehicles. All they need is to supply each driver with a mobile phone and ask them to have it on at all times. When the mobile GPS is switched on, the managers can track them in real time using maps and special software.

Requirements to Use Mobile Tracking

  •     Mobile phone – as mentioned earlier, the manager must supply the drivers with mobile phones, which they must keep charged at all times. If they are trained well and issued with vehicle charging accessories, then this will not be a challenge. The only setback is drivers who want to sabotage the operations by switching off the phone.
  •      Mobile GPS tracking software – the manager will require software that can track the GPS on mobile phones. Of importance, in this case, is to identify each with a unique number and their location. Some software will allow one to have all the vehicles on a single dashboard while others will have other capabilities.
  •      Internet capability – a mobile phone requires an internet capability to have the GPS option on. Today, there are numerous data plans for mobile phones if the vehicle has no Wi-Fi. Maintaining internet connectivity for the mobile GPS is easy with a better data plan.

Is It Appropriate for a Large Fleet?

Mobile GPS tracking is suitable for a small fleet. Large fleets may be hard to manage especially if some drivers are mischievous. It is also hard to keep all the mobile phones intact for a long time. Some may get lost while others wear out.

However, a small company with few vehicles can manage to do a quick follow-up if they suspect something is wrong. The good thing is that this option is cost saving for a small fleet. It has worked well for most people, and it is likely to work well for you as well.


Mobile GPS connectivity is a good start for a fleet company before they set up a detailed tracking system later. It is crucial to ensure that your mobile connectivity is set up by an IT expert for a smooth experience.

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