Much is said these days about the rise of machines and how automation is going to bring about an end to human employment. However, in truth, significant opportunities have come from our increasing reliance on computers and tech. Indeed, it can be quite surprising to consider the number of jobs that have been created through new technologies – careers that previously would have been completely unimaginable except, perhaps, in sci-fi movies.

As the world changes and tech begins to play an increasingly dominant role in our lives (in both a professional and personal sense) experts suggest we’ll see even more new careers begin to develop around these innovative, burgeoning industries. By way of example, here are just a few jobs that have been created or augmented through new technology.

App developer

When Steve Jobs first presented Apple’s iPhone in a keynote address at the Macworld Conference and Expo on January 9th, 2007, surely even he could not have predicted the massive step-change the product would make to our lives. The iPhone was the first touchscreen smartphone – a device so revolutionary it would alter mobile communications forever and bring technology to the masses.

The iPhone decimated previous cellphone giants Nokia and would go on to make Apple one of the world’s most profitable and influential companies. It would also spawn an entirely new programming industry – namely, app development.

Without apps, our modern smartphones would be little more than expensive phones with a web browser attached. In fact, it could easily be argued apps sold the smartphone more than the smartphone itself.

Apps bring our phones to life and can massively extend their functionality and speed. App production is now a multi-billion dollar industry around the world providing hundreds of thousands of jobs.


Blogging must be one of the most under-rated careers on the planet today. While many take a derisory view of the idea of web-logging (blogging), actually there is a very good living to be had and there are countless rags-to-riches stories of people now making serious money from their blogs.

Best of all – of any entry in this short list – blogging is easily the most accessible. All you need is a domain name and a simple WordPress or other Content Management System (CMS) website to get started.

Independent recycler

As populations around the world slowly come to accept the undeniable truth that climate change is real, so our desire to lead greener lifestyles has increased – including our willingness to recycle.

While there is nothing particularly new about the idea of recycling, improvements in modern technology coupled with tumbling price points have made a career in the industry a viable option for small independents. It is now possible to purchase new and used recycling machines at a fraction of previous prices – everything from a recycling baler to a full-size compactor.

Social Media Manager

It’s easy to take a dim view of social networks with major players like Facebook and Twitter coming in for considerable flack recently – particularly on accusations of spreading fake news. However, social networks still play a vital role in most companies’ marketing and promotion efforts, to the point they have spawned an entirely new type of professional – the Social Media Manager.

A Social Media Manager is responsible for controlling and projecting a company’s brand image over the most popular networks (typically YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) as well as monitoring user engagement and replying to comments.


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