Google Drive is a cloud storage service associated legitimately to your Google account. Everybody gets 15GB of extra Google storage free with their account, yet it reaches out to Gmail, and Google Photos, also.

You can overhaul your storage recompense by moving up to a premium plan. Plans right now begins at 1.99 every month for 100GB. 10TB will cost you $99.99 every month.

Be that as it may, there are ways that you can spare the space to remain inside the free 15GB, and there are approaches to get all more free space with Google storage space.

Delete Large Files from Drive

  • Click here to open full rundown of the considerable number of files you have put away in your Drive account arranged by size with the biggest things at the top.
  • Without flaw click on the files you need to delete and choose Remove from the context menu that shows up.

Free Up Photos Storage

Google Photos is a superb cloud storage service to back up your own photographs and recordings from any Android gadget.

You can store a boundless number of photographs insofar as they are in high-quality format.

You can free up huge amounts of space by changing over those records to Google’s free and boundless high-quality options, which packs pictures down to 16MP and recordings to 1080p

  • Open the Google Photos application and then click the Menu button and then choose Settings.
  • Navigate to Back up & sync > Upload Size and make sure High Quality (free unlimited storage)” is selected.
  • On that same page, click the Recover storage button. That’ll compress your existing photos and videos and remove them from your Google storage quota.

Clear Spam/Junk Folder

  • Open your Spam folder in your Gmail account and click the option to Delete all spam messages now.
  • Open your Trash folder folder in your Gmail account and click Empty Trash now to send everything away for good.

While it’s not by any means conceivable to get more storage for free outside of the uncommon promotion, you can help limit and utilize what you have by following these tips.

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