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Are you eager to take Ethical Hacking course and want to be a profound Cyber Security Expert? If your answer is YES, then this Free Kali Linux Course is only for you.

Kali Linux is a Penetration Testing Distribution based on Debian. Developed by Offensive Security.The first release was on February 5, 2006 it’s a completion of BackTrack Linux Project. It used to use GNOME as a Desktop Environment.

Nowadays Kali Linux became a Rolling release Distro. It has a lot of tools in the Kali Repositories. Download.

Kali Linux is not merely a collection of various information security tools that are installed on a standard Debian base and preconfigured to get you up and running right away.

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Although Kali is decidedly multi-purpose, it is primarily designed to aid in penetration testing.

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While Kali’s focus can be quickly summarized as “penetration testing and security auditing”, there are many different tasks involved in those activities.

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Free Kali Linux Course Covers

  • Introduction – Information Gathering Techniques.
  • Password Attack Tools in Kali Linux.
  • Vulnerability Analysis Tools in Kali Linux.
  • Database Hacking Tools in Kali Linux.
  • Web Application Pentesting Tools in Kali Linux
Everything shown in the course is made for educational purposes only. In order to do penetration testing on network, web application, server or other devices(s) you must have written permission from the owner.