How to Run Fuchsia in Android Studio?

Google has been chipping away at an open source operating system called Fuchsia for quite a long time, which would supplant the Linux-controlled Android platform and Chrome OS sooner rather than later perhaps.

Google is taking a shot at Fuchsia from last 2-3 years to make it qualified to keep running on Android gadgets.

Be that as it may, it can keep running on Android gadgets with certain mods or changes. Be that as it may, Google’s advancement procedure is quick enough, still more approach.

Presently a group of engineers has made figured on how to run Fuchsia utilising Google’s Android Studio Emulator.

Google’s Android Emulator is intended to let Android application engineers perceive how their product will look on different gadgets, and it doesn’t bolster Fuchsia out of the case.

Steps to Run Fuchsia in Android Studio


  • To begin with, you must install the Android Emulator 29.0.6 or later form.
  • Git ought to be installed on your PC and pick the Android Emulator location under SDK.
  • At that point appropriately design Vulkan drivers for your GPU and required a duplicate of the Fuchsia source tree.

The following stages, as portrayed by the developers on their blog, include combining some unmerged submits by running a couple of commands, cloning a piece of ASOP, lastly runs the build command.

At that point developers have adjusted Google’s Fuchsia OS for Android Emulator compatible version. The rest of the piece of coding and directions, you can pursue the guide of r3pwn.

Screenshots shared by r3pwn has figured out how to run Fuchsia on Android Studio Emulator pleasantly.

Be that as it may, there are such a significant number of bugs or you can say absence of improvement which should be fixed. Be that as it may, Fuchsia OS presently includes some applications like Settings, Recent Apps Tab, Split-Screen mode, and so on propelled by Android.

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