Gboard Launch ‘Smart Compose’ To Google Messages For Android Beta

Google’s software mammoth just rolled out the latest beta update via the Google Play Store for its Gboard virtual keyboard program. Several users have also found a post about ‘smart compose’ in Google Messages.

Google launched the ‘Smart Compose’ app at Google I / O back in 2018. The application uses machine learning to interactively provide recommendations for the completion of sentences as you type in. It’s already seen for Gsuite users on Gmail and on Google Docs.

According to the article, users of version who signed up for beta updates to Gboard noted that the Google Messages app now provides recommendations for sentence completion. This also helps you to change the text right after you have acknowledged the suggestion using the feature ‘smart write.’

WIth Smart Compose, Gboard will give you an automated suggestion to help you complete the sentence you are typing. It is different from keyboard suggestions because Smart Compose would recommend full sentences for you while the former has only suggestions for the next term.

If you like the suggestion that’s made, you can right-swipe the text that seems to accept it. The first time about a suggestion appears, users will also get a short explainer on Smart Compose.

Smart Compose may likely further extend its scope through more messaging devices. But Google hasn’t shared info about when Gboard ‘s stable version of the Smart Compose feature is coming. Let’s see when that feature comes on Android for everyone.

For now, we ‘re not sure if Smart Compose is also connected to a specific version of Google Messages, or just Gboard.

Nevertheless, we know for sure that Gboard is necessary, as switching to an alternative keyboard such as SwiftKey would cause Smart Compose to cease working.

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