German Government To Pay Over $886,000 For Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

For Windows 7 PCs, the German government is paying $886,000 (roughly €800,000)for extended security updates. The number represents maintenance fees for more than 33,000 government workstations currently running Windows 7, a Microsoft operating system that ended support (EoS) on Jan 14th and for which Microsoft stopped providing free security updates and bug fixes.

According to the report, ESUs prices double each year, so unless this year the German government transitions to Windows 10, next year it will pay € 1.6 million and the following year € 3.2 million.

Of course it can get pretty expensive. Though, it probably won’t come to that, as German website Handelsblatt states that the government began its migration in 2018.

With Microsoft no longer offering Windows 7 support, it doesn’t look like a viable option in the long run to pay huge sums to ESU instead of upgrading to Windows 10.

Additionally, Microsoft’s ESU system is limited to large customers and therefore it is best to update to Windows 10 as soon as possible and not to use an unsecured OS.

Microsoft has began to use full-screen alerts for Windows 7 users, warning them that the operating system is no longer supported.

In 2019, the software maker used Windows 7 updates, and people were getting a lot of notice about ending support. Nonetheless, millions of computers are still running Windows 7, so we’re expected to see a lot of business cases paying high sums to defend their devices from malware, ransomware, and more.

Microsoft will likely be working out ESU pricing agreements with organizations. That is why it is not publishing the actual cost.

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