GitHub Mobile Application Launched For iOS & Android

You may have seen the beta edition of the GitHub Mobile app back in January. But Microsoft-owned GitHub officially launched the latest smartphone app today as a free download for iOS and Android devices at the GitHub Universe event in San Francisco, on March 17.

And developers now can use the software to handle tasks when away from their PC/Mac. We will coordinate projects, write reviews on problems, answer comments and review and merge requests for pulls. More than 40 million developers worldwide use GitHub today. The software also allows you to access code, but in fact you can’t edit any code inside the program.

“My bet is that more that half of interactions that take place on GitHub in 5 years will take place on mobile,” GitHub CEO Nat Friedman said in a press conference”

Notifications from GitHub appear in an inbox that looks like a lot of email inboxes, and you can swipe tasks to either save or mark them as complete. You can respond with emojis in the comments section, which is fun and is handy when you want to react quickly. GitHub says there will be “a lot more to come,” so we could get a code coding feature on the web later on as well.

A variety of new features have been added including semantic code navigation for all repositories Ruby, Python, and Go and the ability to delegate code reviews to individual team members.

GitHub Sponsors is also a easy way to help developers who maintain open source software such as Python, Curl, TensorFlow or the GitHub web client. Teams will start receiving funding help from today. GitHub Sponsors previously only served with individual developers.

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