Navigation devices and navigation applications on smartphones have changed the manner in which we discover places. We, as a whole know and use GPS consistently on our smartphones, yet did you know there exists an alternative in contrast to GPS.

GPS was made in 1978, yet there was another navigation application made known as GLONASS, which represents Globalnaya Navigazionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema, or Global Navigation Satellite System, Russia’s version of GPS.

GLONASS gives two separate dimensions of precision intentionally debased for security purpose signals for regular citizen clients offer precision to inside 100 meters, while its signs for military clients offer precision of 10-20 meters.


The most clear contrast between the two frameworks, is the quantity of satellites. GLONASS has 24 satellites that share 3 special orbits though GPS is said to comprise of 32 satellites crosswise over 6 orbits.

This implies there are more satellites in a similar circle with GLONASS, which could change over to the diminished accuracy of the framework.

OwnerRussian FederationUnited States
Number of
Orbital Height21150 Km19130 km
AccuracyPosition: 5–10 mPosition: 3.5-7.8 m
Orbital plane inclination64.8 degree55 degree
Orbital period11 hours and 16 minutes11 hours and 58 minutes
FrequencyAround 1.602 GHz (SP)
Around 1.246 GHz (SP)
1.57542 GHz (L1 signal)
1.2276 GHz (L2 signal)

The GLONASS satellites’ structures have experienced a few overhauls, with the most recent adaptation being GLONASS-K.  In spite of the fact that it doesn’t give quite a bit of the favorable position over GPS, it is utilized together with GPS to build accuracy.

Though it does not provide much of an advantage over GPS, it is used together with GPS to increase accuracy. Many manufactures include chips of both GPS and GLONASS in their products. 

Numerous manufactures incorporate chips of the two GPS and GLONASS in their items. GLONASS was first industrially utilized in vehicle guide as Glospace SGK-70 had yet been cumbersome and costly.

The Russian government is making a decent attempt to advance GLONASS monetarily. iPhone 4S was the primary apple item to utilise the two GPS and GLONASS for pinpointing location on maps.

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