GoodOldDownloads, a privateer website gaining practical experience in gaming titles, has reported its closure. GOD began as an option to once in the past Good Old Games, that offered downloads of sans DRM-free games from for individuals to privateer for free.

“We created a website without any of tracking scripts, infuriating ads and mainly existed for the sole purpose of making money; it was easy to download files, a clean design, and dead links became a thing of the past with the voting system where you could vote to have games re-uploaded automatically. Best of all, almost everything was automated so you didn’t have to rely on some person at their computer to upload files!” farewell message by GoodOldDownloads.

GoodOldDownloads has been developing effectively, pulling in a great many guests consistently. The webpage fabricated its reputation on inconvenience free downloads while attempting to make the experience a smooth and safe one for clients.

Be that as it may, they have chosen to exact revenge on a portion of the other game piracy sites by having an analytical report distributed by means of PDF to give gamers a thought of which piracy sites are protected and which ones aren’t.

“Rival sites started to target us by making threats and claiming they have reported us to anti-piracy corporations. We also want to move on with our lives and enjoy other things without the constant fear of legal action breathing down our necks.” they further added.

In any case, while a decent time was had by all while it endured, the site has now consigned it to the history books. Declaring its conclusion, the site’s administrators refer to assaults from contenders and the ever-present risk of lawful activity as the explanations for their choice.

So fundamentally, individuals who needed to privateer games from GoodOldDownloads without paying for the game, should discover another source in which to pirate their sans drm free games.

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