Google Assistant Now Reads Out & Even Lets You To Reply WhatsApp, Telegram & Slack Messages

Google Assistant has long had the alternative to read your SMS messages resoundingly. Prior, on the off chance that you asked Google Assistant to read your messages, it would just read the texts received on your local messaging application and hangouts, skirting the ones present on applications including WhatsApp, Slack, and so forth.

Presently according to the report, Google Assistant would now be able to read WhatsApp,Telegram, and Slack messages for all to hear, and even reply to them.

To attempt this new component, clients need to activate Google Assistant on their Android smartphone, and state the command ‘read my messages‘.

A card pops up with the last content message(s) and understands it so anyone might hear, including the application it’s originating from and name of sender.

You’re at that point given the alternative to type or dictate an reply. Whomever done, the appropriate response is promptly sent and the first message is set apart as read (the warning leaves).

The Assistant demonstrates a bias of recent messages from a few chats crosswise over different applications and it experiences these messages individually. Be that as it may, it cannot get to photos, videos, audio or voice notes send through these messaging apps.

If the message contains only an attachment, for example, a photo, audio files, video, or a file, at that point the Assistant will say that the message just contains a document and won’t open the photo, video, or audio files.

The element hasn’t been authoritatively reported by Google and not every person has the usefulness yet, so we can accept that it’s been taken off and ought to be accessible to all clients in the coming months.

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