Google Making Important Changes To Gmail Starting February 20

Google’s tech search giant has announced new changes it will carry out on its Gmail app beginning February 20. The changes recently revealed will only impact those using multiple inboxes according to the article, so if you have a single Gmail inbox, you will not see these updates.

Therefore configurations of the preview pane in several inboxes will no longer be supported from February 20th. However, Google will send a notification to users with inboxes which feature this update configuration in the Gmail app.

The biggest change here may be that it will make the multiple Gmail inboxes option more available. As the website is currently configured, in order to turn it on, users need to navigate to the Advanced tab under Settings.

After the update, the feature will be found in those settings more appropriately under the Inbox tab. More specifically, you can find it under the option Inbox type(Settings > Inbox > form of inbox).

First improvements that users will notice will be opening mail next to the conversation list, allowing mail read and write quicker while also providing more meaning with Reading Pane.

Upon these updates, the user will be able to activate or disable the read panel on the gear icon in Settings > > > Inbox > > Read Panel.

Since 20 February onward, once multiple inbox configuration (right side) is enabled, each inbox will have a single scroll bar. This feature allows flexibility to view the email separately from either inbox, as needed by the user. While in the previous set up, users could only scroll both inboxes simultaneously.

A single action toolbar would allow users to take action through multiple sections and also ensure consistent operation of keyboard shortcuts and triage features.

These updates will start rolling out from February 20 and will be available to all G-Suite clients and users with personal Google Accounts by March 5.

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