Google Chrome 79 Released With High CPU Usage Fix

Google released Chrome 79 to the Stable desktop channel on December 10, 2019, which includes bug fixes, new features, and 51 security improvements. The feature included in the Chrome 79 follows;

  • In Built Password Checkup tool: Password Checkup is an online service that allows Google to take all of your Chrome-synced passwords and check if anyone has leaked through breaches of other online services.
  • Blacklisting Bad Sites In Real Time: In the Sync and Google Services tab, Chrome will get a new option that will enable users to search bad sites in real time. Activating this feature also means sending your history of web browsing with Google is okay. The company says consumers have nothing to fear as it will anonymize all URLs.
  • Predictive phishing for everyone: Predictive Phishing alerts users when on suspected phishing sites they can enter passwords.
  • Warnings for HTTPS Mixed Content: Google will start blocking mixed content on HTTPS pages gradually.
  • Tab freezing: This feature works by hauling all unused tabs for more than five minutes. It removes resources from the CPU and RAM process for other tabs or other devices running locally. This function is enabled by default, but by clicking here you can visit the URL and activate it if you need to.
  • New UI for the Chrome Profile Portion: There’s also a new UI tab for the profile. With this new feature, you will know your current profile and be sure to save your passwords to the appropriate profile.
  • Back-Forward Caching button: This feature creates a special cache for Chrome’s Back and Forward buttons. If the user in their browsing history goes back or forward, the page will be loaded from this cache instead of being loaded from scratch. By clicking here, users can enable the feature.

Click here to download and install the latest chrome version.
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