Google Cloud is growing its partnership with a worldwide cybersecurity organization, Palo Alto Networks to disentangle security and quicken cloud services, as per the report.

As a feature of the new deal Google said that Palo Alto Networks utilize the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to run a portion of our cloud-delivered services, durable storage and very versatile Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics tools.

“Palo Alto Networks will also run their “GlobalProtect” service on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).” said Tariq Shaukat, president, Global Alliances and Industry Platforms.

Palo Alto Networks have dependably trusted increasingly more security benefits that would be conveyed from the cloud. It’s additionally turned out to be certain that to counteract dangers, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to wind up a greater piece of security.

At first Google’s Cloud platform will be utilized for the cybersecurity vendor’s investigation and mechanization item and later organization will grow its Global Protect cloud service to keep running on GCP, which is focused on mobile and branch office end clients.

“This partnership makes us a Google Cloud customer, allowing us to run important cloud-delivered security services at scale and with the benefits of Google’s AI and analytics expertise,” said Varun Badhwar, SVP Products and Engineering for Public Cloud Security at Palo Alto Networks.

Palo Alto Networks also mentioned that they will be running the next generation of their security analytics and automation framework, known as the Application Framework, on GCP to take advantage of Google Cloud’s leading AI and analytics services.

It might be noted here that Palo Alto Networks had as of late gained RedLock, an open cloud security analytics organization, in a US$173 million deal.

So it can give new and existing Google Cloud Platform clients with our exhaustive cloud perceivability, consistence, and security offering RedLock to empower the quickened adoption of open cloud.

“Organizations who run on Google Cloud will have easy access to security functionality from Palo Alto Networks with enhanced capabilities available only on Google Cloud,” Shaukat further added.

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