Google To Boost Its Customer Care Support In India

In 2020, Google has announced that it will hire 3,800 full-time staff at various locations, including India, to provide 24/7 customer care support. Nearly 1,000 Google customer care support agents are already working as full-time staff in its Google Operations Centers.

Consumer and user supporting jobs such as answering calls, product troubleshooting and campaign set-up have frequently criticized being provided on behalf of Google by third-party organizations at the various back – end outsourcing hubs all across the globe including India.

As Google has reported, Mississippi will be the first Google Operations Center located in the US to be opened by the end of 2020.

“In 2020, we’ll be expanding our footprint by opening a Google Operations Centre in Mississippi, to join new and expanding sites in India and the Philippines,” said Troy Dickerson, The Vice President of Google Operations Centre.

The announcement came after 10 U.S. Senators in August called on Google to make full-time employees of contractors after more than six months of working with the company.

According to the terrific feedback we have received, we are expanding by the conclusion of 2020, we’ll have generated over 4,800 Google customer service jobs, such as the 1,000 Google customer service agents currently working at our Google Operations Centers,” Dickerson added.

Google Operations Centers will provide wages and benefits for up to 22 months of paid parental leave and comprehensive health care, including three weeks of paid holiday. Visitors will also have access to free meals and other services on site, such as rooms for mothers, games rooms and spaces for cooperation. While you’re in the workplace.

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