Google Duo Web Client Supports Up to 32 People In A Video Chat

Over the past two months, Google Duo has upped its game. It now allows 32 people to participate in a group video call, as announced on Twitter by a company official.
This development comes just over a month after Google has announced it will bring support for group calling to the web version, along with a family mode. This update starts rolling out on Chrome’s latest edition.
It is the second time Duo has increased the limit on video calls this year; in March it extended from eight to twelve. The latest update offers the same ability for Google’s video chat app as for FaceTime. It’s still more limited than the 50-person calls from Skype but it offers more than the eight-person limit from WhatsApp.
To start a community video call to Duo’s online edition, go to Here you will see your contacts and on the left you will see a Create Group button. Upon clicking on this button, you will see a shared connection, as well as an option to add people.
To browse, click Add People and add up to 31 contacts, and create a group to start a group video call. Notably, community video that calls to Duo’s web app is limited to Chrome.
In countries like Indonesia, India , and Brazil, Duo is also getting a new data saving feature along with its group calls. The service has become increasingly popular in India, a Google market that targeted local advertising, and where it also provides cash prizes to enable people to sign up for their mates.
In the meantime can now be saved on desktop platforms as a Progressive Web App. Chrome’s address bar features an Install button that adds the service’s dock / desktop icon. The Website supports updates already.
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