Google Employees are Banned From Using Zoom

Google has told its staff on company-issued computers to avoid using Zoom, the teleconferencing software. Since homework has become a standard worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic, professionals have turned to applications.

Google emailed staff last week about the ban, warning workers who had their Google-provided computers installed the Zoom app that the program would soon cease to work. It is worth noting that as part of its G Suite service, Google offers its own company Zoom rival called Meet.

Zoom has been criticized for leaking information from its users, making it fairly easy for people to participate in zoombombs and crashing into meetings, and failing to uphold assurances that end-to-end messages are encrypted to keep them safe and confidential.

Yet Zoom said in a statement that the app did not disclose personal details such as user names, addresses and phone numbers, yet included user device data such as type and version of the mobile OS, system time zone, system OS, device model and network, screen size, processor cores, and disk space.

Zoom has also rolled out an update that no longer uses the SDK from Facebook. However, the company noted that users will still be able to sign in to their Facebook accounts if they so wish.

Google aren’t the first organization to bar Zoom workers. Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket company also expelled staff earlier this month and on Monday, the Department of Education in New York City advised schools to drop Zoom and turn to a Microsoft app.

In a statement, a Google spokesperson said Zoom’s desktop app does not meet the company’s security standards; workers can use Zoom to keep in contact with family and friends via a web browser or smartphone.

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