Google Maps Soon To Add a New ‘Lighting’ Feature

Google Maps, the most common navigation app, offers directions to millions of users when driving and using public transport. Google is reportedly planning to add a new feature to its service called ‘ Lighting ‘ to show brightly lit streets for users to walk safely.

G-Map features last year also focused on traveling by foot. XDA Developers have now designed a new layer to be presented in yellow color to differentiate it from those streets that are dark to make commuting easier for its users. The new feature will help users avoid streets with poor or no lighting.

The feature was discovered in Google Maps v10. 31.0 beta APK of the beta version of the app. The Lighting feature remains unconfirmed and no screenshots are available throw that depicts how the User interface of this newly integrated feature would appear.

Google said “Simply tap the new speaker button next to the place name or address, and Google Maps will say it out loud, making your next trip that much simpler. And when you want to have a deeper conversation,Google Maps will quickly link you to the Google Translate app.” in an official blogspot.

The GMap added a new translation feature last November that enables to voice the name and address of a location in the local language. Google Maps will link the user directly to the Google Translate app and users can input the location to the app.

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