Google Maps On iOS Soon Allow To Report Speed Traps & Slowdowns In Traffic

Google has announced, according to the article, that users of Google Maps on iOS will now be able to report crashes, speed traps and traffic congestion, similar to Google Maps on Android.

To report an accident, in the driving navigation UI, press a new button under the compass.The navigation app Waze, which is owned by Google, has popularized such real-time reporting features.

“First, we’re adding the ability for people to report crashes, speed traps and traffic slowdowns right from their iPhone. This feature has been one of our most popular on Android, and we’re excited to expand it to iOS,” Sandra Tseng Product Manager Google Maps said in a statement.

Google also uses the report on crashes speed traps and traffic congestion, together with traffic speed and other information to assess where real-time slowdowns are happening, and to guide drivers who might experience a delay when they experience it.

Waze has a dedicated user base as it can sometimes provide drivers with a better picture of road conditions that can affect the drive.

Over the past year, Google has grabbed Waze’s features and put them on Android’s Google Maps, including traffic reports obtained, on-screen speed limits, and potential speed traps.

In addition, Google says users on both Android and iOS devices will be able to report on new issues such as construction, lane closures, disabled vehicles and items on the street in this week’s updates.Consumers will quickly know if on the road they’re going to face one of the issues.

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