Google Maps Makes It Effortless to Share Your Location Using Plus Codes

Google Maps have received a new update which makes it easier for users to use Plus Codes to share their location. Currently the company has made the feature available for the Android app only through the latest update.

The new feature creates a unique six-digit code based on where you are located. You can send the code to anyone and use it while you’re away from a typical street address.

“A Plus Code is a simple alphanumeric code which can be combined with a locality (for example: FWM8+V9, Ibadan, Nigeria). They look like a regular address, but with a shortcode where a street name or number would be. Beyond using the blue dot, you can also find the Plus Code for a location by tapping and holding the map to drop a pin at a location you want a Plus Code for,” David Martin, Director of Program Management, Google Maps said in a blog

How to find and share your Plus Code?

  • Open Google Maps App and find your exact location.
  • Tap on the blue dot that highlights your location.
  • Now you will see the Plus Code representing your location on top of the screen.
  • Use Share your Location option to share your plus code

You can either search Google Maps for the code or Google Search for it to reach the location without typing the entire address. The feature is rolling out now, keep checking back over the coming weeks as it rolls out when you don’t see it.

Google’s maps recently turned 15 and got a makeover design. The changes make the app more user-friendly, and do not require much deep diving to access regularly used options. The new interface is focused on five buttons at the bottom of the Google Maps screen, of which three are new to the app.

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