Google Maps voice navigation

To make it simpler for Indian clients, Google Maps has revealed a few new features. Presenters include an address in google maps voice navigation in 6 Indian languages other than Hindi. Google Maps Voice Navigation in six more languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.

The organization had propelled google maps voice navigation in Hindi three years prior. Two new feature called “Plus Codes” and “Smart Address Search” has also been launched. Plus Codes feature has been launched for Android of Google Maps, the iOS version of the application will get the element later. Plus Codes which are six character Plus city codes for areas.

“To use a Plus Code, simply enter it into the Search field on Google or Google Maps on your mobile phones or desktops. That’s it. You’ll be instantly shown the location! Plus Codes can be used for a wide variety of reasons including communicating the venue of a temporary event, guiding emergency services to afflicted locations and providing an identifiable location for complicated addresses.” Suren Ruhela, Director, Google Maps Next Billion Users in a Google note said.

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The codes can be created, shared and sought by anybody by going into the search field on Google Maps. With the “Add An Address” feature, clients would have the capacity to present a missing location, which would updated in google maps after Google confirms it.

“We silently launched the feature a few days ago and found that people are already adding their addresses. This shows that people want their addresses to be searched,” Suren Ruhela added.

The organization has, be that as it may, asked clients to not include their own personal information or names while including the address. On the off chance that something like this happens, at that point Google would dispose of the address, influencing the experience to secure.

In the event that a client is unconscious of the correct address and Maps does not comprehend the address definitely but rather he or she thinks about the adjacent landmarks or region, “Smart Address Search” would utilize every one of the bits of the data gave in the address and client could best distinguish the area.

“Millions of people and places in India are hard to locate — especially those in remote areas. We are deeply committed to helping find solutions to these challenges,” Suren Ruhela, said.

Google watched that in India it can be stimulating to find a given private address. While a few locations are very much characterized by road names and house numbers that are anything but difficult to discover, others can be wordy and difficult to find.

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