Google Meet Rolls Out Background Blur

The much needed background blurring functionality on Google Meet has now been rolled out by Google. Google had indicated back in August that they would add new features to Google Meet that would allow users to eliminate distractions from the background.
Users of Google Meet will now blur backgrounds and small distractions for focused meetings. Using tiled-view, they can also view 49 participants on their screens.
Seeing more participants will increase the dynamics of larger community meetings and classes at the same time. It can make virtual meetings feel more like in-person meetings and promote engagement, whether it’s seeing everyone’s reactions to what’s being addressed, or more easily monitoring multiple speakers.
In Google Meet, background blurring works directly inside your browser-no extension or additional software is needed. The Background Blur functionality is currently available on Windows and Mac Chrome browsers. Both G Suite customers and users with personal Google Accounts will have these features available.
In addition to the ability to blur backgrounds during a video call, Google Meet can also filter out background noise to make meetings less noisy. The feature will be available to all G Suite customers and users with personal Google accounts, said the company.
It is important to remember that your system can slow down by blurring your background. To allow other apps to run faster on your device, you may want to turn this feature off. If you are having trouble using background effects on your compatible computer, Google suggests turning on hardware acceleration.

How To Blur Your Background In Google Meet?

  • In a meeting:
    • On the bottom right, click More Customize and control Google Chrome
    • Click Turn on background blur .
  • Before a meeting:
    • Go to and then select the meeting.
    • On the bottom right of your self view, click Turn on background blur .
    • Click Join Now.

Blurring your background could make your system slow down. To allow other apps to run faster on your device, you may want to turn this feature off.
Google also revealed screen-sharing in the Google Duo on Tuesday. Users can hop on a video call and then browse images , videos, and more through the function. Presumably, the update is available to all Google Duo users.
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