Google Messages May Soon Implement End-To-End Encryption For RCS

Rich Communication Services (RCS), which is a communication protocol between mobile telephone operators and between telephone and carrier, aims to replace SMS messages with a richer text message system that can transmit multimedia in-call.

According to sources, Google Messages that soon introduce end to end encryption for RCS messaging.

An overview of Google Messages version 6.2 of the new ‘dog food’ construct published by 9to5Google via APK Mirror reveals that the tech giant might be working on end-to-end encryption for their RCS messaging service.

Google Messages could soon allow users to send encrypted messages from end to end via RCS according to the report. A total of twelve strings were found during the teardown, referencing encryption. While the teardown did not disclose the exact criteria for end-to-encryption use, it is likely that both sender and recipient would need to use the Google Messages app.

The consumer will have the authority to determine whether to allow certain Android apps which have access to messages to display messages that have been encrypted using the service.

In addition, both the sender and the receiver may initially require using the Google Message App to use RCS in an encrypted manner that could alter with future updates, it said.

Google will specifically give Android users a better default messaging experience for the first time in years, rather than waiting for cellphone providers to do so. To Android devices, it’s not quite the Google equivalent of an iMessage service but it’s similar.

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