Verified SMS & Spam Protection On Android For Google Messages

Google today announced two updates to Google Messages, allowing Android users in the United States and selected countries to use two new features called Verified SMS and Spam Protection from 12 December.

Within its own Google Messages app, Google has turned on RCS (Rich Communication Services) for all US carriers. The Messages and Carrier Services applications should be reviewed for users who have not already enabled it.

Verified SMS is essentially exactly what you would expect. When you send an SMS to a confirmed company, you will see the name of the business, the logo and a badge showing that you are sending the actual deal and that the messages are checked per email.

Spam Protection for messages in selected countries almost a year later. Now it rolls out globally to U.S. consumers. The feature is quite self-explaining. If the Messages app detects a spam message, a warning will be displayed at the top of the tag.

The number can be identified as spam or not as spam. Spam protection is enabled by default, but when that happens, users will see a notification. Google will store the numbers temporarily if enabled, to help identify spammers.

However, you can follow the steps below to turn it off Spam Protection;

  • Open the Messages app.
  • Click More > Settings.
  • Click Advanced > Spam protection.
  • Turn it on or off.

Google claims that spam protection works with your message data while keeping your messages private meaning the company is not reading the content you receive to mark out spam messages.

The support page also highlights the fact that Google uses your device’s phone number to create authenticity codes, although the messages you receive for verification purposes are not exactly visible.

Throughout India, Google Pay and Google’s confirmation notifications are enrolled with more companies entering each day in this program. 1-800-Flowers, Banco Bradesco, Kayak, Payback and SoFi are among America’s first brands to send Verified SMS messages.

The latest on Google’s efforts to improve Android messages is verified SMS and spam security.

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