Chrome Music Lab has propelled another music creation device called Song Maker. A program based affair, Song Maker is a Google Music sequencer that enables you to program circles for two distinct instruments of your picking, at that point spare it or send to another person for joint effort.
Google music sequencer displays an essential sequencer lattice, with space for a tune on the best part, and a beat area beneath. The alternatives are restricted: Just a piano, strings, woodwinds, synth or marimba for the instrument and a kick/catch drum combo, conga, wood pieces and electronic drums for the beat. In the settings menu you can change the general length, beats per bar, key and a couple of different changes, yet once more, it’s truly restricted.
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On the off chance that you don’t have any music-production foundation, don’t stress. It creates the impression that Song Maker limits what notes are accessible in light of the scale you pick. In this way, regardless of what you do, it will be in key. You can likewise attach it to a MIDI console or empower the mic catch to sing into Song Maker; a floating symbol will show up on the left-hand side to demonstrate what note you’re hitting.
Chrome Music Lab’s Song Maker is one of numerous program based music-production instruments that can be played around with for free. Beyond the principle interface, there’s a bundle of choices accessible to additionally modify your melody. You can modify the rhythm with a sliding bar, set an octave go, the length of your circle, what number of beats you need per bar, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In general, it’s a slick little affair that is enjoyable to coolly play around with. You can access the google music sequencer by clicking here.


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