Google Brings Its ‘.new’ Domains To The Rest Of The Internet World

A year after rolling out .new links to create a new Google Doc and to create a new panel, Google revealed it will take these shortcuts to the rest of the web.

Any company or organizations can now register their own websites and create a .new shortcut that works with their own web apps.

Instead of having to visit a service, users ca sign in and then find the right menu or function. Google Docs users who are already signed in to Google can easily create a new online document. Unless you are signed in to Medium, it is not feasible for other services like Medium’s

If not, instead, it drops you on a sign-up page called Join Medium. Use case should have allowed the user to start writing and save their text under a temporary account. will allow Spotify’s users to make a new playlist on its streaming music app.

Google’s new domains help improve the workflow of users by allowing them to navigate directly to the action instead of visiting a website, sign in and then proceed with the right menu or function

Few other functions include “” for eBay,”” for OpenTable, for and for Cisco WebEx meeting, for Stripe , to create personalized song for OVO, for launching GitHub and much more.

In the same,.page domains are created, any company can register domain over the secured HTTPS connections. Trademark owners will have priority to register their domains.

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